Northern Commands

Northern Commands

The Ghana Army has a defined role in the political and socio-economic development of the country. In order that the Army performs its assigned roles effectively, personnel, equipment and adequate infrastructure are provided for the institution to function well. The Ghana Army in line with defence policy performs both internal and external operations. The legal existence and roles of the military are clearly stated in the 1992 constitution. Article 210 (1) states that " There shall be the Armed Forces of Ghana which shall consist of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force and such other services for which provision is made by parliament". Article 210 (3) also states that "The Armed Forces shall be equipped and maintained to perform their role of defence of Ghana as well as such other functions for the develop ment of Ghana as the President may determine".

Ghana Army has four Commands; Ope Southern, Central, Northern and Training Commands. ethr Northern Command Sect 30 Sep 14. It was the occasioned by an operational studies conducted in year 2000, with the aim of expanding the Army to meet contemporary Con roles as envisaged in the 1992 Constitution. The spontaneous escalatioconflicts the Northern Regions since early 1990s need for prompt military intervention in support civil authorities were the main considerations re adjustment the current deployment of the Northern Command. Since its inception, Northern Command have distinguished themselves the conduct internal security operations, including operations GONGONG, CALMLIFE, CON QUERED among others.

Operation Gongong. The long securi civil E 3 standing chieftaincy disputes and milita . ethnic strifes in the Northern furth Sector of the country, especially in the Dagbon Traditional area highw influenced the deployment of troops and the civil police to these areas in the early 90s to contain the selec security situation. Troops of the Command have actively partici pated in this operation with qui remarkable results. The Command, with the support of Army prof Headquarters, has managed to restore and maintain peace in the on t Dagbon Traditional Area and the Northern part of the country in hig general. As part of government the sponsored road map to peace in to Dagbon, the Command deployed cri troops to facilitate the burial and final funeral rites of the late Ya-na but Yakubu Andani II and the the investiture of the current Ya-na Abukari Mahama II. The presence of the troops before and during in these traditional rites created a conducive environment for the king makers. These exploits have greatly improved the security situation in the area and peace is now prevailing across the Dagbon Traditional Area. Remarkably, the hitherto bad blood between the two Royal Gates, the Abudus and Andanis has considerably died down. Similarly, troops in the Command also provided the enabling environment for the sole mediator, Togbe Sri II, to mediate and find a permanent resolution of the conflict of the Nanung chieftaincy dispute. In order to sustain these gains, the Command continues to maintain its presence in Bunkpurugu, Bawku, Bole, Buipe, Nakpanduri, Wa, Chereponi, Saboba, Bimbilla, Bolgatanga, Yendi and

Operation Calmlife:
The incidence of armed robbery threats peace and stability country necessitated activation of Op CALMLIFE. an security driven operation led by e long police and supported by es and rthern ally in area ent of these in the artici with hand, military across the country. furtherance ensuring freedom movement within the cities highways, the Command continues partner the civil police patrol the urban the Sector selected highways to combat armed robbery menace. This joint operation police been quite successful due the commitment, diligence rmy professionalism the troops. The d to the the rampant armed robbery incidents Kintampo Tamale well the Tamale Bolgatanga Bawku y in highways has been contained to ment the barest minimum. unable to operate on these highways, yed criminals shifted the Damongo and Tumu Navrongo highways pursued by own troops he thereby shattering their plans and -na operational capabilities. This nce notwithstanding, there are isolated
personnel of the Command in conjunction with the Ghana Police Service. In a bid to strengthen Ghana's democratic dispensation, and following reports of likely influx into the country of persons desirous of disrupting the Voter's Registration Exercise for election 2020, the Command was tasked to beef up security at its eastern borders with Togo. Consequently, with the support of the military high command, personnel were deployed to Garu, Somfusi, Wurinyanga, Pulmakom, Zabzugu, Wunjuga, Tatale, Nambiri and Saboba to establish Temprary Operating Bases (TOBs). Troops conducted static and mobile patrols to secure the borders and unapproved routes to prevent any infiltration of persons with intent to disrupt the registration process. The Command's posture along the north-eastern corridors of the country deterred would be miscreants from interfering with the registration process.

Operation Conquered Fist: In response to rising terrorists threats in the sub-region, and as part of counter terrorism measures, troops of the Command have been deployed to conduct operations to curb any possible threats of terrorism against the country. The surge in terrorist activities in Burkina Faso in recent times emphasises the need for such deployment. Key Points (KPs) and Vulnerable Points (VPs) are under constant surveillance and relevant intelligence shared amongst sister security agencies in the conduct of the operations. A platoon of Special Forces, Infantry and Armoured personnel have been deployed in Bolga, Bawku, Tumu and Hamile to monitor activities along the Ghana Burkina Faso border by conduct ing day/night patrols. In order to send a strong message to the terrorists about the readiness of the GAF to deal with them decisively, Ex EAGLE CLAWS was conducted in the general area from 22 - 26 June 2020. The exercise was a great success and plans are under way to conduct it every quarter. Due to Op CONQUERED FIST, cross border crime has drastically reduced.