Just like most infantry units in the Ghana Army, the 6 Infantry Battalion traces its roots to the colonial era. It was first raised in Accra on 01 November 1941 under Lt Col LG Dickson as a training Battalion to train troops for the World War II. In August 1944 the Battalion was moved to Kintampo for one year and then moved back to Kumasi in August 19945 and remained there until 01 July 1946. Later, the battalion was disbanded as part of the post World War II reforms programme.


On 15 May 1964, the unit was formed at Ranchi Barracks, Takoradi under the Command of Lt Col AK Ocran, as part of post-Independence Expansion Programme. The majority of the troops were posted in from the Armed Forces Training College (AFTC) Kumasi. However, WOs, SNCOs and NCOs were posted from other units.  1968, the Unit was presented with its colours by the late Lt Gen JA Ankrah, then C-in-C at Harcourt Lines, Takoradi.

In Jan 1971, as part of battalions’ rotation, the Unit moved from Ranchi Barracks and took over Kamina Barracks, Tamale, from ABF. Before the Unit left Takoradi, Lt Col FWK Akuffo was the CO but later handed over to Lt Col EKT Donkor who until then was CO ABF.  As part of the reorganization in the Army, the Unit was designated 6 Training Battalion in 1984 under the command of Lt Col TE Nguah. In 1986, the Unit was renamed 6 Infantry Battalion with Lt Col Nick Sowatey as the CO.    Currently, the Unit is under the command of Lt Col WA Kwabiah as the Thirty Third commanding officer of the Unit.


The Unit’s motto is “6 We Can”, literally meaning “no tasks is above the Unit” and the slogan is “Discipline –Success!”.


Since its establishment, the Unit has recorded a number of successes both locally and internationally.

  • Local Achievements.
    • Maintenance of Law and Order. The Unit assists the civil authorities in the Northern Region to restore and maintain law and order during the inter-ethnic/tribal wars under Op GONGON and Op AHODWO.
    • Crime Combat. The Unit conducts routine highway patrol to combat crime under Op CALM LIFE. This has ensured safety of commuters along the major highways linking the Northern Region to other regions and neighbouring countries.
    • Protection of Key Installations. Working in conjunction with other security services, the Unit has successfully protected key national installations within its AOR. For instance the Bui Dam and the Bank of Ghana premises in Tamale enjoy the Unit’s protection under Op OASIS and Op Safe respectively.
    • Protection of VIPs and State Agencies. The Unit routinely provides escorts and static guards to protect VIPs and other state agencies within the region. For instance officials of the National Electoral Commission are given the necessary protection to conduct their duties under Op PEACE TRAIL as and when required.
    • Promotion of Civil/Military Cooperation. Civil/military cooperation within the Northern Region has been boosted with the Units’ participation in the annual Military Open Day celebrations. The Unit’s Band, Ranchis, have also been made available to civilians who required such services with the view to bridging the interaction gap between the military and the civil populace.
    • Grooming of National Leaders. The Unit pride itself with haven trained a number of people who have occupied very high positions in the country and abroad. These include Heads of State, National Council members, CDS, Army Commanders, brigade commanders, ministers and ambassadors. Such personalities include the following:
      • Lt Gen Ocran                           –       Member of NLC.
      • Gen IK Acheampong              –       Head of State.
      • Gen FWK Akuffo                    –        Head of State.
      • Brig DA Asare                          –        Army Commander.
      • Lt Col EKT Donkor                 –        Minister of Defence/Ambassador to Cote d’ Ivoire.
      • Brig Joe Odei                           –        Former DFC UNIFIL.
      • Col TE Nguah                          –        Comd 1 Infantry Bde, DFC UNIFIL and DFC ECOMOG.
      • Brig RK Agbemasu                 –        Commandant GAFCSC (Snr Div).
      • Lt Gen BK Akafia                   –        CDS – First RSO of the unit.
      • Maj Gen SA Odotei                 –        Chief of Army Staff.
      • Lt Gen JB Danquah                –        CDS.

External Achievements. Working under the auspices of the United Nations, the Unit has contributed immensely to the quest for international peace. It has formed the nucleus of Ghana’s peacekeeping battalions in Egypt, Lebanon, Liberia, Cambodia, DR Congo, Sierra Leone and Chad. Currently, the Unit is preparing seriously to take over a taskforce serving in DR Congo as MONUSCO Ghanbatt 13.


In recognition of its tremendous contributions to both local and international campaigns, the Unit is decorated with a number of Battle Honours. These include Ashanti 1873 –74, Narugumbe 1916, Kamina 1914, Cameroons 1914 – 16, Ashanti 1900 and Duala 1916. It is not surprising that the Unit is noted for bravery, hard work and ‘can do’ spirit.

6! We Can!