The present Ghana Army Ordnance Service is the descendant of Gold Coast Ordnance Depot. During the Second World War, the Allied Forces found the Gold Coast a convenient transit territory. It therefore became necessary that an organization should be established to cater for the needs of allied troops in transit hence the establishment of Gold Coast Ordnance Depot.

The Depot was charged with the responsibility of providing accommodation stores requirement for Allied troops in transit./it was located at a suburb called Feho eyoor near New Times Corporation./ The depot was headed by an Assistant Director of Ordnance Services who was stationed at where we now have the Navy Wardroom in Accra. Replenishment of stocks were made by demands on DFG 982 on the Deputy Director of Ordnance Services in Lagos.

The role of this Depot changed after the war. It was assigned to give the full support to the then local three battalions and supporting units. It still had to depend on lagos for replenishment./ It also became an Ordnance Service instead of a depot and its head was elevated to the rank of a Deputy Director of Ordnance Services. All these function were performed under the canopy of the Royal West African Frontier Force.(RWAFF)

On attainment of Independence the Ordnance Service also became independent and ceased to depend on Lagos. The stores also became requirements of the Services and were made through the Crown Agents. Indents for stores were later channeled through the Ghana Supply Commission  and in 1966 a Defense Procurement Branch was established to cater for not only Ordnance requirements but those of the entire Ghana Armed Forces. The Ghana Army Ordnance Services have since kept abreast with growth of the Ghana Armed Forces.