64 Infantry Regiment was first formed as Forces Reserve Unit (FRU) in 1982. The Unit was renamed the Forces Reserve Battalion (FRB) in 1986 before finally being designated 64 Infantry Regiment in 1993.

The Forces Reserve Unit (FRU) when it was instituted at Gondar Barracks in 1982, was a composite Unit of Platoons from existing Units in support of the 31 December 1981 Revolution.  The FRU attained the status of a permanent Unit in 1986 when it was designated the Forces Reserve Battalion (FRB) with the role of Personal Security and other Specialist Tasks.  The FRB came under command and control of GHQ in May 1988, having previously been under the PNDC (COS).

The 64 Infantry Regiment was formed from the FRB at Gondar Barracks, Burma Camp, on 1 July 1993.  On its establishment, it was made the Very Important Persons Protection Unit (VIPPU). This was in addition to other specialist tasks that the Unit had been configured to perform. The Unit presently consists of an HQ Coy, 3 Rifle Coys, Sp Coy and a Training School at the Asutsuare Training Camp (ASTC). On 25 June 2015 the Unit was promulgated as a Special Forces Regiment.

Since its inception, the Regiment has provided troops for the following International Peacekeeping Operations: UNIFIL, UNAMIR, UNTAC, ECOMOG, UNMIL, MONUC, UNAMSIL, and UNOCI. The Unit formed the core of the Ghanaian Battalions on UNAMSIL Ghanbatt 4 in Sierra Leone in 2001, MONUC Ghanbatt 5 in DR Congo in 2003 and UNIFIL Ghanbatts 64 and 70 in Lebanon in 2006 and 2009 respectively,UNMIL GH 20 in 2014, as well as UNMIL 20 in 2015.

The Regiment provided the bulk of the 200-man Company Task Force for Operation OGYEFO which was to undertake the evacuation of Ghanaian citizens from Sierra Leone following the Coup in that country on 25 May 1997.

On the local front, troops of the Regiment were promptly deployed for pacific operations during Operation GONGONG (Nanumba-Kokomba Conflict) in 1994 as one of the lead elements in that Operation. It has also led or joined in numerous other local Internal Security Operations.

The Unit’s Motto           

 ‘Honour in Sacrifice’.


Call:     ‘64’                               –          Response:        ‘Dare Not’

Call:     ‘Honour’                        –           Response:        ‘In Sacrifice”.

Call:     ‘Are you motivated’        –           Response:        ‘Motivated! Motivated! Motivated’

Call:     ‘Uno Para Todos’          –           Response:        ‘Todos Para Unos’

Call:     ‘One for all’                    –           Response:        ‘All for one’


The Regiment of the family bravo rifles

Sons of the Regiment honour in sacrifice

Remember nothing has been made safe until

The soldier by God has made the field where

The building shall be built, and the Soldier

Is the scaffolding until it has been built.

And then the soldier gets no reward

With honour we shall always serve the sons of

The Regiment!! 64 Dare Not!!


Honour in Sacrifice.